Hoop Dance – New Class!

Hoop Dance is an active hula hoop workout using an adult-sized, weighted hoop for aerobic fitness. With Hoop Dance, students to learn how to move with the hoop, feel the rhythm of the music, engage in new tricks, and have loads of fun. Hula Hooping can improve your coordination, relieve stress, tone your body, improve flexibility in the spine, and burn 300-600 calories in an hour!


Global TV Visits the MindBody Studio

Watch Kim Kraushar's two-part workout with the morning show from Global TV

Part 1 – Total Barre Workout


Part 2 – Anti-Gravity Yoga Workout

Our Latest MindBody Promo Video


Standing on a Stability Cushion

The latest in our series of two-minute exercise videos shows you how to get the most out of working with a Stability Cushion.



Kim Kraushar Demonstrates the Vinyasa Yoga Routine on a V2max  Plus Reformer

Experience a one-of-a-kind Vinyasa Yoga routine on the V2max Plus Reformer. This new and innovative program offers a unique blend of the foundation principles of both Yoga and STOTT Pilates. Together they create a synergistic workout that focuses on clarity of the mind, core strength and stability, stamina and resilience. By holding postures against the spring loaded resistance of the Reformer, these Zen-Ga Flow movements engage every muscle, heighten body awareness and enhance the body/mind connection.

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