Moira MacLean

moira maclean

Moira MacLean is a STOTT PILATES® method Certified Instructor in Mat and Reformer, Injuries and Special Populations, plus has training on the Edge, Roller, BOSU®, Jumpboard, Stability Ball™, STOTT PILATES® Stability Cushions™ and Level 1 training in Yumana Ball Rolling. She has had a life long passion, interest, and commitment to fitness, balanced nutrition and the pursuit of being a happy person.

Her training in business and education as well as twenty years experience in the pharmaceutical industry has instilled in her a strong discipline for ongoing assessment, development of programs in line with the needs of various groups. Moira saw such a dramatic changes in her own body doing pilates privately for over ten years that she decided to become a trainer to help share the many benefits that she herself gleaned. Pilates helps focus and create space in the mind as well as the body. She believes strongly in the power of the mind to choose happiness and wellness every day.

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