Equipment Classes

Pilates Equipment Classes


Using a sliding carriage, spring tension, and pulleys, STOTT Pilates Reformer classes offer a total body workout that ignites muscles you never knew you had! Work legs, arms, and torso against resistance to increase your flexibility, coordination, strength, and stability. Class levels may vary to accommodate experience and strength.

ZEN•GA™ Reformer

Energize both your body and mind with this fluid but powerful workout. Experience first-hand how the foundational principles of the ZEN-GA method are explored in a reformer workout that brings calm and peace to the mind, and strength and control to the body. This challenging Reformer-based program includes all components of fitness training: the pace will rev up the cardiovascular system, the fluidity of the sequences will enhance flexibility, and the controlled stationary holds result in improved total-body strength. Discover how this unique class can be a potent adjunct to a workout routine by bringing the concept of mindful movement to your practice.


Our Circuit classes are exciting and challenging workouts that draw from all available STOTT Pilates machines and small equipment. For those who like variety, you’ll never do the same workout twice! You must have completed at least 20 sessions of Mat and Reformer training to fully benefit from these classes.

ROM – Range of Motion

Range of Motion (ROM) is a Mat-based, small equipment class designed to improve your ability to perform all activities of daily living with confidence and ease. With a focus on increasing joint mobility, strength, balance, and mindfulness, ROM will make those aging joints feel youthful again!
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