Peter’s Story

At 64, Peter is a specimen of a man… and I should know, I’m married to him. Fitness has been a lifelong part of his life, a lifestyle that he learned from his parents.

A longstanding shoulder injury, a desire for a stronger core (not to be confused with 6 pack) and (sotto voce) his propensity to slump, brought Peter to the Interlude. Great results with his private sessions have kept him coming back for 3 years. The greatest benefit he’s experienced, is a new awareness of his posture and knowledge about his body.

He finds the studio “exceedingly well equipped”, and the knowledge base of his instructors amazing.

Contrary to feeling embarrassed about being a male doing STOTT PILATES, he recommends it to people, especially his cycling friends. He finds that it has enhanced his cycling even after 35 years in the saddle.

– Serena

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