Serena didn’t let turning 50 slow her down

Serena Graham-DwyerOn my 50th birthday I got a gift that kept on giving.

After spending a good portion of the birthday party doing a samba like no one was looking and, like I was 30, I was then incapable of ‘walking’. I could only make it to the car or around the house, but anything over 250’ was out.

My physiotherapist set me up with a STOTT PILATES teacher, one-on-one, at Interlude’s rehab room. She patiently brought me along over the months to the point where I felt able to join a class of hers at the Interlude.

One thing led to another and 7 years later I am still there. I currently take a group reformer or a group TRX class, as well as continuing with one private session per week, every week.

It’s never a chore, it never feels the same and my knowledge about my body and how it moves has become quite extensive. I get injured like everyone else (I’m an avid cyclist and hiker) but I have been taught (and continue to be shown) to understand what is happening to my body.

My advice to a novice -one given by an excellent Yoga teacher in my past-strive to be a C student. It’s never a competition. The only person paying attention to you is the person leading the class.

Today, I am stronger and more pliable then I’ve ever been; who would of thought at 58? 


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