Sandy’s story of resilience after a car accident

Sandy and her grandchildrenSandy believes there is nothing she can’t do anymore…

That wasn’t the case when she first started STOTT PILATES at the Interlude 10 years ago as part of her car accident rehab. She didn’t have a lot of faith in what her mid-fifties body would ever be capable of doing again and was shocked to discover how crooked and unbalanced her body had become.

After a year of private classes with Kim, she began group classes and has never looked back.

What keeps her coming back?

She feels “amazing” after her workouts no matter how she feels when she begins. The biggest difference she finds compared to studios in her past, is that her workouts at the Interlude feel like they are tailored to her, even though she is in a group class. Paradoxically this is a feeling shared by many of her classmates. There is no competition. The only comparison made, is how your body feels today compared to the last time you did a class.

Through learning about their own bodies and how to move them, people take what they need from each class.

Her practice has brought about change in all aspects of her life. Sandy has gone back to being an active person and can do sports without injury. She knows her limits now, and has an innate awareness of her own body. The most important change to her is her ability carry and care for her 5 grandchildren , something she never thought would be possible again.


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