The L.A Times Loves Kim’s Zenga Flow Workout!

You Are Bored With Dumbbells?

March 24, 2013 Top new workout DVDs
By Melinda Fulmer , L.A. Times

Zenga FlowIf biceps curls just aren't cutting it for you anymore, why not give body-weight resistance training a try?

The Zenga Flow workout uses a mini-stability ball (or playground ball) to provide a tough yet relaxing alternative to the traditional weight routine. Instructor Kim Kraushar leads you through a blend of slow-flowing strength and Pilates exercises that use the ball to challenge your balance and work several muscle groups at once.

The exercises build in intensity during the 50-minute workout, starting with gentle stretches and building to surprisingly challenging slow motion lunges and leg lifts balanced on the ball. By throwing yourself off balance, you're not only working your legs but your core and back as well.

"Zenga Flow With Mini Stability Ball" ($15.95, ball not included,

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